Mixed Grilled Bread “Bruschette” 7,00

    Little Sausage Rolls on Tomato Sauce 7,00

    Green Salad  with Vinegar ,Bacon and Trevisan Cicory Cooked 7,00

    Provola Cheese and Zucchini Croquettes 8,00

    Breadstick Box with Parma Ham, Felino’s Salami and Mozzarella Cheese 7,00

    Selection of Mixed Cold Cuts, Pickles and Squacquerone Cheese, Meat Pesto with 

    Special Hot Bread Tigelle and Crescentine 14,00


    Delights Homemade Cold Smoked Salmon
    With Pink Pepper and Onion, Lime and Mint and Warm Bread and Balsamic Vinegar 14,00

    Shrimp Skewers with Brandy Smell 19,00

    Sautè of Mussels and Clams 14,00

    Samples Seafood Starters
    Shrimp Skewer, Warm Bread with Smoked Salmon and Balsamic Vonegar
    Soute of Mussels and Clams 18,00

    HomeMade Fresh Pasta

    Traditional Tortellini in True Capon Broth 13,00 

    Traditional Green Lasagna Bolognese (20 min. of Cooking) 13,00

    Traditional Gramigna Pasta With Home Made Pork Sausage Sauce 11,00 

    Traditional Nettle Green Tagliatelle with Bolognas Ragout 11,00

    Black Tagliatelle with Meat Raguot and Milk Cream 11,00

    Dry Passatelli With True Carbonara Sauce 11,00

    Nettle Green Tortelloni of Ricotta Cheese Stuffed, with Parma’s Ham and Butter 12,00

    Half Moon Stuffed with Speck and Mushrooms on Delicate Cream of Peas 13,00

    Crispy Cannelloni with Three Farciture on Parmesan Cream 13,00


    Tagliatelle with Mussels and Black Pepper 15,00

    Potato Gnocchi with Clams, Tomatoes, Basil and Dusting of Bottarga 15,00

    Tortelloni Stuffed with Sea Bass on Saffron Cream and Poppy Seeds 15,00


    Traditional Bolognese Meatballs with Peas 14,00

    Traditional Bolognese Veal Liver, Cooked with Butter and Fresh Salvia 14,00

    Pork Cheek with Sea Salt, Black Pepper And Green Sauce 14,00

    Sliced  Filet  with  Red Radish 18,00

    Chunks of Pork in Titì’s Barbecue Sauce 14,00

    Duck Breast with Pink Pepper Sous Vide 14.00


    Pork Tongue Skewer in Double Cooking with Traditional Green Sauce 14,00

    Beef Sirloin Grilled and Sliced with Rosemary and Sea Salt 14,00

    The Big Grilled T.Bone Steak  (1,2/1,5 Kg).  45,00 Kg

    Marbled Beef Tomahawk (about 1 kg) 60.00

    Smoked Mix of Meat Cooked in Coal Oven 14,00

    SeafoodMain Course

    Fresh Salmon Fillet with Rosemary and Smoked Salt Crystals 14,00
    Mixed Grilled Home Made Skewers of Squid and Prawns 16,00
    Grilled Sea Bass Fillets 16,00

    Samples of Seafood Main Course
    Grilled Sea Bass Fillets , Fresh Salmon Fillet,
    Mixed Grilled Skewers of Squid and Prawns

    HomeMade Desserts and Sorbets

    Three Chocolate Mousses 6,00

    Parfait of Cream and Crunchy 6,00

    Cream Coked “Than Once” with Restricted of Grapes 6,00

    Cuddles with Greek Yogurt and Wood Berries and Nuts 6,00

    Vanilla Ice Cream Truffle , With Heart of :

    Amaretto Suor Or With  the Caffe Or  With Hot Wood Berry Sauce 7,00

    Trio of Dessert 10,00

    Home Made Sorbets :

    Mojito Sorbet with Rum 5,00

    Basil Sorbet with Prosecco Wine 5,00

    Spicy Chocolate Sorbet with Whiskey 5,00

    Montenegro Liquor and Lemon Sorbet 5,00

    Tasting of the 4 Sorbets of the House 10,00

    menuCUSTOMIZED FOR groups

    We are available to prepare tailor-made quotes to satisfy all your needs even with special dishes off the menu.
    to the Mail:
    to the cell. 335-6437591
    We will answer you immediately.


    Depending on what we find at the market and seasonality, we offer special dishes every day off the menu.
    The offer therefore grows as an appetizer, a first course, a second course and an extra dessert.
    If you wish to be updated on special dishes and our initiatives, subscribe to our Facebook page or if you prefer we will insert your mobile phone number to the WhatsUp group, through the contact form … Here