start like Tavern Managed by Great Grandfather Titì …

    Where the Wine was Pressed with Feet, where the Tagliatelle were HandRolled with an Old Nut Wood Rolling Pin …

    The Pigs were Slaughtered EveryWeek to make Tastiest Salami of all Old Bologna.This was the Place for the Sunday Away from Home Trip, to be Able to Eat the Best Cold Cuts with Freshly Baked Bread and a Glass of Genuine Wine …Today More than Ever we are Bonded to our Traditions that are Gradually Being Forgotten I am Nicola, Titì’s Great Grandson and I am aware of being so lucky to have had a Grandfather…and Great Grandfather that have Passed Down the Aromas and Flavours which I still Bear in my Heart…….and Trying to Keep as Faithfulas Possible to the Original Recipies


    Our mission is to bring to the table

    Dishes Made with Ancient and Modern Methods Not

    Modern dishes Made with Ancient Methods.